Company Profile

With a history of long back since 1978 Modern Engineering Works is a trusted name in valve technology. It is a 100% manufacturing unit, supplying and developing an extensive range of high quality valves upto NB 2500 mm. sluice gates up to 4000 mm width x 4000 mm height. Stop log gates upto 6000 mm width x 12000 mm height split type Trash Rack and Coarse screen.

Modern Engineering Works present their product line of Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Cast Steel, Mild Steel fabricated, valves and gates incorporation latest and revised design, specially engineered to meet the exacting demands and requirements of the turnkey project sector, EPC sector, Industrial sector, Public sector, Irrigation sector, Oil Industries & Chemical industries. Our products represents the best market can offer both from the standpoint of quality of materials incorporated and standards of workmanship.

All MODERN valves and gates are produced by employing the best raw materials, carefully selected, correctly identified and analyzed. The machining and testing carried out with latest type equipment according to the most up-to-date method.

Today the company has a strong manufacturing unit to contest quality assurance which meets BSI, BS, API, AWWA, DIN requirements and certified by Bureau of Indian Standards and thoroughly inspected by Government appointed authorities. Company has adopted total Quality Management System and has ISO 9001-2008 certification of valves and gates.

MODERN valves & gates give unparalleled performance and are designed to give that extra life with special characteristic features like-

  • Leak proof sealing.
  • Trouble free service.
  • Minimum opening force (Manual)
  • Robust construction.
  • Interchangeable component.

Quality Assurance

MODERN ENGINEERING WORKS operate a program of Quality control to ensure that the quality demanded by designers, consultants, customers and International Standard Organization is achieved and standards maintained.

The company operates to Quality Control Manual, which is available on request. Destructive and non-destructive testing equipment is used extensively, such as tensile, impact, radiography, ultrasound, ultrasonic and magnetic particle.

The quality control system is administered by a department operating independently from manufacturing to sales, thus ensuring the authority and integrity of their operations.

The company’s quality procedures start with incoming castings, forgings and raw materials which are delivered to the goods inwards inspection department. The function of this department is to ensure that quality, material identification, certification marking complies with the order and quality manual. Materials are fully traceable. The same standards of inspection are applied to the manufacturing processes right through the final test, proper painting and packaging for dispatch.

International standards such as Indian, British, American, German and European set the board parameters for design manufacturing and testing of valves. MODERN valves & gates are used in a wide variety of markets with different needs. The quality control manual sets out of satisfy these needs and, in the process, meets or exceeds the requirements set by the International Standards.

Modern Engineering Woks received ISO 9001 – 2008 certification on 2005. ISO 9001 certification represents a commitment to ongoing quality, improvement and dedication of higher levels of performance.

Our Achievements

Modern Engineering Works was established forty years back and since that time it has been manufacturing valves of Cast Iron, Cast Steels and Cast Iron pipe with specials. Our users are always satisfied for its quality and reliability. Process of manufacturing from its beginning to storing the valves are carried out consistently. In course of the years MODERN® valves have been distributed all over the Indian markets and are installed in almost all the project, viz, water works department, refineries and chemicals plant.

Our machine shop is equipped with the most modern tools and machineries. In addition to our manufacturing standard we have various engineering department controlling by experienced engineers for the development of new design. A control at all stages of material and workmanship during machine, and a careful final inspection of all valves on our modern testing machine are the guarantee for the high quality of our products. The inspector operating as an independent departments are responsible only to the directors.

Materials are controlled by moderns testing method to determine their compliance with the specification in our own laboratory.